Feb 10

Made our Bucket List: Niagara Falls

Niagara Fallsvia
We have been to Yosemite and seen Upper and Lower Falls in Yellowstone, but we have never seen Niagara Falls. I think a main appeal of seeing the falls is just the fame and majesty that Niagara Falls carries with it.  If you talk to somebody about seeing waterfalls one of the first one that comes to mind is Niagara.  As we continue our waterfall seeking ways we definitely want to check Niagara Falls off our list hopefully sooner rather than later.Niagara Fallsvia
Despite the fact it is over commercialized, more so on the Canadian side then the American, we would like to see it from both.  Our ideal trip would be to start on the US side and cross over the bridge by foot (with our passports) take a nice stroll on the Canadian side taking in the views before heading back.

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  1. freda phillips

    It is amazing. You will love it.

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