Feb 06

Landscape Photography Number 21: Devils Tower

Devils TowerNumber 21 of my landscape photography series is a picture of Devils Tower in Wyoming off of Red Beds Trail.  My wife and I have now made it a plan to travel to Yellowstone once every five years and both times we have taken that long road trip to arguably the greatest national park in the United States if not the world we have stopped at Devils Tower to stretch our legs.  The first time we visited Devils Tower we just took the short hike around the base of the rocky monolith.  However, this time around, we decided to take the longer trail that circled the national monument from a much greater distance.   It was a nice trail and gave some outstanding views of Devils Tower like the one in the picture above.

This picture of Devils Tower lands in the 21st spot of my landscape photo list because I enjoy the way the tower majestically reins over the tree tops like a monarch on their throne.  The angle of the grassy slope creates some interest and keeps your eye moving across the picture.  The colors of nature really pop against that crisp blue sky and just serve to further accent the sharp rocky tower.

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  1. freda phillips

    That is gorgeous picture, good job.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      thanks- It was a great hike to get that shot.

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