Feb 05

Devil’s Bridge Trail: Red Rock Country

Devil's BridgeDevil’s Bridge Trail is a must do trail for anybody that enjoys a good hike.  It is the largest natural sandstone arch in the area, and at just 1.8 miles roundtrip it is not necessarily a difficult hike.  What makes this a moderately difficult journey is the 400-foot incline from the trailhead to where you have the chance to steel up your nerves and walk across the arch.  The second thing that takes this from easy to moderate is the distance to the trailhead itself (more on that later.)M's RightThis is a very popular hike which was a very good thing for us because without a group of very nice gentlemen that were working the trail we probably would have given up and never made it to Devil’s Bridge.  There are two ways to get to the Devil’s Bridge Trailhead one much quicker than the other.  From the trailhead parking lot there is a sign that says Devil’s Bridge Trailhead with an arrow so we hopped on the trail figuring we would eventually make it and we did.  Unfortunately there was a quicker more direct route which was on the other end of the parking lot following the FR 152 a very rough road that 4×4 tour jeeps take.Scenic TrailThe trail we took was less traveled (and much longer) and made a world of difference on the soles of our feet, but the trail was well marked with cairns and was very scenic.  However, after a few miles of walking on the trail we began to second guess ourselves and started to discuss turning around and heading back.  Luckily we heard a group coming our way and decided to wait for them to see if they could answer our questions about the trail.  Not only did they put our minds at ease they even hiked with us all the way to the trail even though they were heading to a different trail.  They told us our trail would eventually go to Devil’s Bridge but we were taking the roundabout way to get there.  Though we never felt like we were lost or worried we were going to be stuck out in the Arizona wilderness because we could have just turned around at any moment, Karen and I were glad that we came across that group of guys because we really wanted to see Devil’s Bridge.On the TrailOnce we reached the trailhead to the actual bridge it was a pretty straight shot right up to Devil’s Bridge.  It is a bit of a climb going over 400 feet in a little under a mile, but the views from the top are worth it.  As the path inclines you will notice that the trail divides if you want to see the base of the arch take the left path and if you want a workout and the chance to walk across the arch take the steep rocky staircase up.Hiking BackThe view from the top is wonderful but a bit tricky to get too since the path is narrow and since it is a popular trail the chance of running into somebody going up or down is high.  Working your way to the top can be daunting but fun especially if you are not afraid of heights.  The scary thing for us was not so much getting to the top but letting a stranger take our picture on the arch while he was a good 200 feet away with our very nice camera.  He seemed like a nice guy and he trusted us with his camera so we went for it and he took several pictures of our little family.  The top of the arch is actually much wider than it looks, approximately twelve feet across, we checked it out throughly and made sure it was safe before taking our daughter out to experience the once in a lifetime view with us.  It ended up being a great photo op that will help us remember that vacation for years to come.Across the BridgeOn the way back from Devil’s Bridge we took the more direct path on the old jeep road.  The road is rough and we kept an eye out for ATVs and 4×4 and except for the occasional dust up from the passing vehicles it was much quicker.

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Devil’s Bridge Trail
About 6 Miles RT (if you take our path not recommended)
Moderate Level Hike
Time varies depending on Path
Trailhead starts at the Dry Creek Vista parking area on Forest Road (FR) 152

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