Feb 03

Crash Update: A HOLE new garage

We wanted to give a little update on our smashing super bowl evening.  We are overwhelmed by so many friends, family and neighbors who have poured out their love and generosity to us.  Phone calls, e-mails, text messages, facebook comments, it really means a lot to have so many people who care about us and are praying for us.
Makeshift wallWe spent most of the day today assessing the damage and trying to do some temporary patching before the polar vortex sends single digit temperatures and snow our way.  Kenny had to take the day off work and luckily my sweet Dad was willing and come over and help us out.

Our Tree-

You can see where the car scuffed against one of our huge oak trees above.

Most of the damage occurred in the garage, leaving a giant car shaped hole completely through the side of one wall.  We also had some structural damage in our master bedroom leaving two walls cracked and moved at least six or seven inches from their original location.  Our daughter M’s eyes were as big as saucers when we told her a car crashed into our house and showed her the smashed up walls in Mommy and Daddies bedroom.

A holey garage

Kenny and my Dad used some wood and plywood sheets to cover the hole and used an enormous tarp to seal it off from the outside.  There was also an outdoor water faucet that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time so we have had to have our water main shut off for most of yesterday evening and today.  Luckily my strong guys got the faucet capped off and we are back in business.  Not quite back to normal but headed in the right direction anyway.

our house

This picture is from about a year ago, it is a miracle the driver didn’t hit one of our many trees head on!

Hopefully the insurance people will be able to come out tomorrow and we will get repairs underway.

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