Jan 19

Pinterest Project: Pinecone Birdfeeder

Holding up the Pine ConeWe had fun keeping our weekly Pinterest Project rolling this weekend.  It has been so beautiful and abnormally warm outside that we got to go for several walks the past couple of days.  M and I looked out our big bay window the other day and saw FOUR squirrels, two robins, a blue jay and a little wood pecker all playing away all at the same time.  I was starting to think I was Snow White or something.Putting on the PBWe decided it would be lots of fun to make a little bird feeder.  We knew M would have such fun seeing the little birds eating from her very own creation.Putting on the SeedsI found a great plan on pinterest here that involved a pine cone, peanut butter and bird seed (all things that we already had on hand).  I was a little concerned about M would do with the peanut butter but she was very gentle and thoughtful.  I propped her in her little highchair and held out the pine cone while she smeared peanut butter on with one of her little spoons. I think I got messier than she did honestly.Holding up the Finish ProjectAfter the peanut butter application I just spread a little pile of seeds on her tray and let her roll and push the pine cone down into the seeds. She had a great time and watched out the window with glee while I hung them up on our shepherds hook outside.  I can’t wait to see some little birds munching on our seeds.Happy with itI would give this project four out of five stars.  She will probably understand it all a little better when she is older but she had a lot of fun playing with all the textures.  It was less about making a perfect feeder and more about her learning and having fun.

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  1. freda phillips

    Can’t wait to see a bird eating from her pine cone feeder.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      We keep checking out the window every day. We’ll let you know when we catch one eating some seeds 😉

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