Jan 09

Pinterest Project: Great Gak Goo

Having funWith the holidays we sort of fell off our ‘weekly’ testing of a Pinterest project.  Well, we are back in full force and had a great time testing out Gak.  It’s a childhood memory of Kenny’s so it was extra special.  I think every little boy (or girl for that matter) gets excited about the chance to play with slime.  Maybe it has something to do with that Nickelodian show where people got slimed and then won money!!pulling on the gakAnyway, we found this recipe on pinterest and Kenny whipped up a batch right in a gallon zip lock back.  Yay for easy cleanup.  I think M remembered playing with her salt dough because the moment we sat her in her highchair and she saw the little mound of dough she was reaching out for it.smashing the gakWe even let her choose the color when Kenny stirred it up and of course she requested ‘yell-lell-loo’ (Momma’s little cutie).  She LOVED this stuff even more than the salt dough.  She mushed it and stretched it and poked her little fingers in to make tiny dots in the surface.  It was definitely a hit.  I know she will be asking for it tomorrow and THAT is the sign of a successful Pinterest project.  Another five out of five star project! to see all of our pinterest projects click herem playing with gak

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  1. freda phillips

    That looks so fun. I want to do it.

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