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Hermit Road: Grand Canyon National Park

Pima PointHermit Road is a must see whenever visiting the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  The road runs for 8 miles with 8 scenic overlooks including a chance to see an unobstructed view of the Colorado River.  My wife and I have traveled twice along the Hermit Road and really enjoyed both visits to the spectacular scenery.At the Grand CanyonThere are two ways to travel along this route you can take south rim trail which gives you wonderful views along the trail.  The second option is to take the free shuttle bus that operates on Hermit Road from March 1st to November 30th or if you go the other three months of the year you can take your own vehicle.  We recommend a third option of walking some of the south rim trail and taking the shuttle on some of the longer stretches between overlooks.Grand Canyon National ParkIf you take the south rim trail know that from Powell Point to Monument Creek Vista the trail is unpaved.  We recommend taking the shuttle to the first overlook called Trailview Overlook and walking the 1.5 miles to Hopi Point.  After Hopi Point the shuttle to the others stops will save your legs for another day.  Another hiking option and much longer is hiking out from Grand Canyon Village and taking the shuttle back.  Some people would recommend riding the shuttle all the way out first but if you do that you will hit every overlook while if you only ride it on the way back to the village the shuttle stops at Pima Point, Mohave Point, and Powell Point.South Rim TrailWe really enjoyed our trip down Hermit Road, but we were lucky and were there right after the government shutdown so the crowds were extremely light.  I imagine that crowds will play a large part in your enjoyment of the area which is why if you are able to hike along the south rim trail especially a few miles away from the Grand Canyon Village you might be able to get away from some of the crowd.View of Grand CanyonWhile each viewpoint offered a little something different the three we enjoyed the most was Pima Point, The Abyss, and Powell Point.  Below is a list of viewpoints and the distance between them.  Remember to carry plenty of water and use proper precautions if you are going hiking.

To view our other views of Grand Canyon National Park click here.

Trail head to Trailview I: .7 miles

Trailview I to Maricopa Point: .7 miles

Maricopa Point to Powell Point: .5 miles

Powell Point to Hopi Point: .3 miles

Hopi Point to Mohave Point: .8 miles

Mohave Point to the Abyss: 1.1 miles

The Abyss to Pima Point: 2.9 miles

Pima Point to Hermits Rest: 1.1 miles

For more information about Grand Canyon National Park visit their website at http://www.nps.gov/grca/index.htm

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