Dec 28

Great Zoo Exhibit: Helzberg Penguin Plaza

Penguin ExhibitThe Kansas City Zoo now has penguins and a nice penguin exhibit to boot.  The Helzberg Penguin Plaza opened in the fall of 2013 at a cost of 15 million dollars to create a state of the art penguin exhibit.  It will eventually be home to a dozen Humboldt and 40 other cold water penguins.

Being a newer exhibit you can imagine the place was packed even on the cold December day that we went.  Despite the fact it was not prime viewing due to the crowded conditions Karen and I enjoyed our visit to the Helzberg Penguin Plaza.  The penguin exhibit is divided up into three main areas.  There is an inside/outside area with a pool and rocky areas for Humboldt Penguins.  Once inside there are three large tanks for fish one being a cylinder tube for fish penguins eat and two along the wall one with jellyfish and the other with the Finding Nemo tropical fish. There is also a large area for other cold water penguins with swimming and artificial iceberg.  The final area is another large penguin display with good size pool and land platforms for the animals.Penguins swimmingWhile the Helzberg Penguin Plaza is not the best penguin exhibit we have ever seen I will still rate the Penguin and Puffin Coast in St. Louis or penguin exhibit at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha as being a little better.  That is not taking anything away from this very fine exhibit it just did not have that wow factor for us.  One thing that I did not notice the Helzberg Penguin Plaza had that other exhibits have not was a hole cut in the artificial ice for penguins to leap out of the water or dive in from.  Nice natural touch to the exhibit.

Overall the Helzberg Penguin Plaza is a very nice addition to the Kansas City Zoo a zoo that has the potential and land to become a first rate zoo in the United States.  The Kansas City Zoo has a long ways to go before it becomes a top zoo but the Helzberg Penguin Plaza is a step in the right direction.OutsideTo see our reviews of other great zoo exhibits click here

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