Dec 12

Something to Think About

I used this writing prompt for my bell ringer just the other day trying to get my students to evaluate and think about their own lives and try to help them put some things into perspective, before we get to the really “important things” like content standards and standardized tests.  It ended up being a pretty good mini lesson because the students debated on what they thought were important until somebody mentioned something that they did not think of.  For example, the first person talked about their cell phone and some other material item and a few students later said free time and friends which started the discussion of ‘I did not know you could put anything down’.

The discussion went on for longer than it probably should before I had to steer the conversation back to why they are in my classroom which is to learn about U.S. history.  But I felt that this was the perfect time of year to ponder about what is needed to make it a good life.

Writing prompts like the one above can be found at http://writingprompts.tumblr.com/post/32343377489/the-180-prompts-i-actually-use  and when my students asked me what I would write down I said my family and a Saturday afternoon.

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  1. freda phillips

    I think I would say a safe environment and good health.

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