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Pinterest Project: Salt Dough Fun

Pinterest Project: Salt Dough Fun

Having FunWe recently started a new weekly tradition of doing a crafty project off pinterest every week with M.  There are so so so many ideas online it is often hard to narrow down what will work and what will be a bust.

We decided to pick out a different project every week, give it a try and let you guys know how it worked out.  This weeks project was tons of fun.

Kenny found a super simple, non-toxic recipe for salt dough and we decided to give it a whirl.  We were basically snow bound and getting a little cabin fever so M was more than happy to explore something new.

I cooked up our dough and as soon as it had cooled off we popped Miss M up in her highchair and let her go to town with her new toy.  At first she was a little cautious, but after some parently nudging and examples of how to play with it she was having a good old time.New Texture
She poked it with her fingers, I rolled it up into little ‘blueberry’ sized balls and let her mush them with her thumb.  She was especially excited when I rubbed it between my palms and made her several little wiggle worms.  She has an affinity for worms ever since her Grandpa found one and showed it to her in the palm of his hands.

We also rolled it out flat on her highchair tray and let her make impressions in the dough with different things.  I got some little wooden letters from one of her puzzles and we pressed them into the dough to make a fun pattern.

She really had fun and even asked for her dough the next day.  We give this project five out of five stars. 

Click HERE for the recipe to try for yourself! (I halved the recipe and it made plenty for us)Playing with Saltdough

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  1. freda phillips

    Looks like she is having fun. Such a good project.

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