Dec 07

M’s first snow day!

Looking at the SnowWe had a super fun new adventure this weekend.  A gust of winter weather blew into our town and dropped about eight inches of powdery white snow on the ground and trees.  We woke up to a beautiful white winter wonderland right in our own front yard.M and MeM has seen snow before, in fact when she was just a few months old we were on a trip up to Minnesota and she got to see some pearly white flakes float down from the sky and gently kiss her cheeks as we bustled her into an Art Museum.  We watched it out some giant windows and she was enraptured.

That winter there was only one good coating of snow and M wasn’t feeling 100% so we just enjoyed the view from inside.  But this year was a whole different story.  We all bundled up and she laughed with glee as we took our first few steps out into the glistening powder.Walking in the snowShe cautiously nudged the snow with her little mitten covered hands and looked surprised that the little flakes stuck right to her pink polka dot gloves.  I lifted up a handful of snow and tossed it into the air and she watched in wonder as the glittery pieces floated in the air and dusted against her face.  She still laughs and ‘retells’ the story about the snow blowing all around her.Ready to go InIt was such a special moment to share with our little baby.  Everything is a new adventure with her!

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  1. freda phillips

    Such a beautiful picture of M. Snow is such fun for little ones. Is’nt the hat Kenny is wearing the one you crocheted? Looks good.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thank you, she is a great little model 🙂 We all had fun out in the snow. Yes! That is the hat I crocheted, I think it looks good on him too! I said he looks like a model!

      1. freda phillips

        Yes, he does look like a model. Maybe he needs another career.

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