Dec 05

Were Back!

On Devil's BridgeWow I cannot believe it has been that long since we last posted.  It started with going on vacation in October and when we got back it was hard to get motivated to post despite the fact that October was one of our highest visited months ever.  Then just when were about to get back into the swing of things my computer went on the fritz and it was over three weeks before we could get it back.  At that point we just sat down and talked about taking all of November off as a treat to ourselves.  November came and went and then it just came down to trying to get back in the habit.  Maybe you have this problem too or maybe you don’t but for me it is like I know there is something I should be doing that I enjoy or its good for me but I just keep putting it off because I am too “busy” at the moment.  In reality all I need to do is just get back in the habit and then it becomes second nature again.

I just want to apologize to anybody out there that came to our website over the last month and half looking for new material and left empty handed.  We do have some exciting things that we will be sharing and will be blogging on a more regular basis.  We saw some wonderful places on and our trip to Sedona and Flagstaff, Arizona that if you are ever that way you will want to check out.  Some of our photographs were recently published in a Spanish web publication Desperta Ferro which was really pretty cool and it was an honor that somebody out there would want to use them.  Karen and I have been working on a children’s book that we are making for our daughter that we are really happy with. My wife is an amazing artist and the concepts and rhymes in the book are really coming together.  I am also looking at a new lens for my camera which I hope will add a new dimension to my photography and finally my big state attraction’s project will finally be completed sometime in 2014.

So, thank you for sticking with us we have recharged the batteries and are now ready for our next set of adventures.

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