Nov 01

Landscape Photography Number 24: The Ladder up Notch Trail

For a place called the Badlands it ended up being kind of astonishing just how many wonderful photographic opportunities the place had.  One of my favorite areas of Badlands National Park was a short hiking area called Notch Trail.  The trail goes through a canyon area to nice overlook of the area, but to get to top of the canyon you have to scale a wooden ladder that notched into the side of the cliff. If you are able to and ever find yourself in that part of South Dakota go check out Badlands National Park it is truly a unique place.

Why this particular photograph is one of my personal favorites and number 24 on my top 25 landscape pictures that I have taken. I like it for a couple reasons first it captures just how steep of a short climb it is and secondly the ladder leads the eye through the picture.

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