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Oct 14

Diving into Landscape Photography

Desert View

Of all the different types of photography a person can do when they start their hobby I recommend diving into landscape photography.  The reason that I recommend getting into this particular type of photography is the fact it is easy to get started, you do not have to try to find clients for individual or …

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Oct 12

The Road Best Traveled

The Road Best Traveled

What Matters in Life I have discovered in life that it is not so much the road you take, but it is who you share it with that makes all the difference.

Oct 07

Lower Falls: Scenic Views from Red Rock and Lookout Points

Lower Falls Yellowstone

Lower Falls is the premier waterfall in Yellowstone National Park and there are several good vantage points to see this wonderful 308-foot waterfall.  A great place to stop along the North Rim Drive, if you can find parking especially during the peak months of July and August, is at Lookout Point and Red Rock Trail.  …

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Oct 05

A Little Be Happy Saturday


Picture via Well, after teaching all week and then working at night getting our house ready for my parents to come and visit plus normal little things we have going on it has has been a very long week for us.  I think our little daughter also had been feeling our tiredness and is actually …

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Oct 04

Free Printable Trick or Treat Banner


I have been enjoying the first few days of October, the weather getting cooler, seeing pumpkins and mums showing up on my neighbors front porches, watching our daughter M’s eyes light up as she sees the signs of Halloween. This year I have been looking for ways to decorate without spending much money.  I keep …

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Oct 03

Mystic Falls: Nice Trail for a Day Hike

Mystic Falls Waterfall

Mystic Falls is a 70-foot cascading waterfall located near Biscuit Basin just a few miles north of the Old Faithful Area.  It is a popular day hike for those looking for a hike and just long enough, at close to 3 miles roundtrip, that the majority of Yellowstone will not hike it.  If you are …

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Oct 02

Biscuit Basin: Pools, Geysers, and Waterfalls

Geo Yellowstone

Biscuit Basin is a small geothermal area near Old Faithful of the Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park.  Often overlooked by most visitors due to its close proximity to Old Faithful but it shouldn’t be.  Biscuit Basin is home to several features including the beautiful Sapphire Pool, Shell Geyser, Mustard Spring, Black Opal Pool …

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Oct 01

End of Year Blockbusters 2013

The Monuments Men

Now that it is almost October we must bid goodbye to the 2013 summer blockbusters, but welcome in the fall and winter movie lineup. Karen and I tend to enjoy the movies that come out this time of year because these movies usually have a little bit more of a storyline and less to do …

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