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Teaching Tip: One vs. the Class a Great Study Game

Teaching Tip: One vs. the Class a Great Study Game

On my way to work a few years ago I was trying to come up with something for my students to do.  Now normally this type of school planning is not ideal or recommended, but from time to time it does happen.  In this particular case we had just finishing learning the chapter and were preparing for the test.  I had already given them a few days to work on their study guide, group project, and group worksheets over the chapter, but I was not quite ready to move on to the next one.  I did not want to waste a day of class but I did not want to give them the test quite yet.  So as I was driving I came up with a game that I called One vs. the Class.

The game is based on the television show 1 vs 100 where a single person takes all on 100 and after each question those that got it right get to stay in the game.  The object is for the 1 to knock out all 100 people.  So I took that concept and just placed it in a classroom setting.  I would ask for a volunteer to take on the class saying if you knock all the other students out you will win a prize. (usually a sucker or something of that nature)

  • How the Game Works
  1. Each student has their own dry erase board and marker
  2. The student taking on the class sits in chair facing the class
  3. I ask a review question starting with easier questions and getting harder (some from past chapters)
  4. I will ask the student taking on the class if they are ready then ask the class if they are ready
  5. When everybody says yes I count down 3, 2, 1 and say to the class present your boards
  6. I check everybody’s boards eliminating those that missed the question
  7. I then ask the student is taking on the whole class to present
  8. If they get it right they stay if wrong we find a new volunteer.

Having just come up with the idea on my way to work I was not for sure just how well it would go, but it went brilliantly and I have been using it as my go to study game ever since.  The students really get into it and it helps me figure out those students that need to give a little extra encouragement to study. It has turned out to be a great study game.

The hardest part is getting materials hopefully you have dry erase boards and markers for everybody if not you make some “cheap” ones from the following choices.

  • Card stock in Plastic Sleeves- just give each student a damp paper towel
  • Laminate Paper- once again just use a damp paper towel
  • Shower Board- cut into smaller boards and get enough erasers I like to cut my erasers in half
  • Use Lexan- which are clear so you might want to glue or tape paper to one side to make it easier to read

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  1. freda phillips

    Very good idea. I bet the competitive kids loved this game. I need to enroll in one of your classes. I bet I would like it and learn a great deal as well.

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