Oct 17

Getting Ready for Halloween

m with pumpkinsLast Halloween our little girl M was just a few months old when October rolled around and we pretty much kept to our normal Halloween routine.  My wife Karen did make her a tiny ghost outfit that she wore long enough to snap a few pictures before she got upset at the fluffy tulle and wanted it off.

However this year we think things are going to be pretty different and we are looking to start some new traditions.  M loves to go for walks and ever since we went to the grocery store a few weeks back and let her get up close to some pumpkins and pat them she points them out to us everywhere we go.

She also has recently  wanted to pick out her own clothes, try on our shoes, and put toy jewelry on so she seems to want to play dress up.  So this year we are going to try a new family tradition this year the family coordinated costume.  To see what we end up doing you have to check back.  From Plainadventure to your family we hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween season

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