Oct 14

Diving into Landscape Photography

Desert ViewOf all the different types of photography a person can do when they start their hobby I recommend diving into landscape photography.  The reason that I recommend getting into this particular type of photography is the fact it is easy to get started, you do not have to try to find clients for individual or group shots, buy lots of flashes, reflectors, or other special equipment, and your subject is all around you were ever you go.  Another big plus is when you call it a hobby and then as you spend money to travel to different location pursing your hobby you will not feel as bad about it.

When I first started taking pictures I only took them on vacations and usually just a few here and there.  Then as time went on and I upgraded my equipment I started to take photography a little bit more serious until now I would consider myself a semi-knowledgeable amateur with a slightly healthy passion for photography.  By no means a professional, but hopefully at least an inspiring one which I think is a wonderful thing for all photo hobbyists out there to strive for.AspensSo if you are at all interested in getting into photography as a hobby go out and shoot a few landscapes you do not have to go to any exotic locals to do it just try your local parks and work on your craft.  Go out and photograph at different times, try a variety of different angles, found out what is pleasing your eye, and just practice.

One of the things I like to do is evaluate my picture and see what I have done before and what I like so I can look for the same situations and scenarios the next time I take pictures.  Just like I have done before I have compiled a list of my top 25 landscape pictures that I will periodically be posting about over the next few months hope you enjoy.  You can check out my top 25 wildlife, flora, and overall pictures by clicking on the links.Trout Lake Black and White

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