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End of Year Blockbusters 2013

Now that it is almost October we must bid goodbye to the 2013 summer blockbusters, but welcome in the fall and winter movie lineup. Karen and I tend to enjoy the movies that come out this time of year because these movies usually have a little bit more of a storyline and less to do with special effects. Though we will still enjoy a ‘sit back don’t have to think about it popcorn movie’ and I am sure we will spend several weekends watching all of this summers blockbusters once they reach the RedBox. Though the summer blockbuster season is now over there are still several movies in 2013 to get excited about.  Here is our list of the best of the rest Top 10 Movies to End 2013.

Oct 4th Gravity

Gravity Stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney who play two astronauts that during a routine spacewalk are hit by disaster.  Their shuttle and space equipment gets destroyed and the only thing positive they have going for them is that they have each other as they spiral out into space.  Gravity seems like a good intense thriller.

Oct 11th Captain PhillipsCaptain Phillips

Captain Phillips stars Tom Hanks which in itself makes it almost a must see though to me his last major movie Cloud Atlas was more a miss than hit.  Captain Phillips is based on the true story of a 2009 hijacking of a cargo ship by Somali pirates.

Oct 18th 12 Years a Slave

12 years a slave

12 Years a Slave is already starting to get some award season buzz.  It stars Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender and is about a free black man from the North who is kidnapped and sold into slavery.  Hopefully this movie is done well because as a history teacher I wish they would make more historically based movies.

Nov 1st Ender’s GameEnders Game

Ender’s Game is based on Orson Scott Card’s bestselling books and is probably the top movie I am looking forward to this fall because I enjoyed the book so much growing up.  It stars Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley.  I really hope they do a good job with adapting this one from the book, but feel like it might be a letdown in the same vain as 2012’s Hunger Games.

Nov 15th The Book Thiefthe book thief

I did not hear a whole lot about this movie until I saw the trailer and now I am looking forward to it because unlike so many other movies this one seems to be an original idea.  The Book Thief stars Emily Watson, Geoffrey Rush and Sophie Nelisse and is about a young girl who is taken in by foster parents who take in a Jewish refugee during the height of Nazi Germany.

Nov 22nd Delivery ManDelivery Man

Delivery Man stars Vince Vaugh and Chris Pratt and looks like it could be a warm hearted comedy about an underachiever who has just found out that he has fathered 533 children through a fertility clinic.  He then goes out of his way to not only change his life around but try to help the children that he fathered.  This is one of those movies that has promise but could easily find itself stuck in the vulgar lowbrow comedies that have been so popular recently.

Dec. 6th Last Day on MarsThe last days on mars

Last Days on Mars looks like a rehash of the movie Aliens but it does have the special effects team made up of people that did District 9 and Avatar so I am hopeful for this one.  Last Days on Mars stars Liev Shreiber and is about a Mars mission team that makes a discovery on its last days on the planet that could doom all mankind.

Dec. 13 The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugHobbit

I have been down on sequels and superhero movies for some time now and just wish that Hollywood would come up with something new and exciting, but the Hobbit is one sequel I am looking forward to.  I thought the first part of the Hobbit Trilogy was well made but did not live up to the Lord of the Rings so I hope that Peter Jackson can get some of that magic back.  The Hobbit stars Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, and Richard Armitage.

Dec. 13 American Hustleamerican hustle

American Hustle is a movie with a lot of big stars like Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams so the cast should be excellent let’s just hope the story is as well.  American Hustle is about a conman who is forced to work for the FBI in a case involving New Jersey’s mafia.

Dec. 18 The Monument’s MenThe Monuments Men

The Monument’s Men is another star studded cast staring George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Paul Giamatti, John Goodman, and Matt Damon and is based on a true story set in World War II.  This movie is about an American platoon with the job of rescuing classic pieces of art and returning them to their rightful owners.  The only problem is that these men are not your typical soldiers they are museum directors and art historians.

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