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Sep 19

Hellroaring Creek Trail: Nice Going Down but Hellroaring Coming Back

Suspension Bridge

Hellroaring Creek Trail is not the most scenic of hikes in Yellowstone National Park, but it does offer something the other trails can’t which is the chance to walk across a suspension bridge over the Yellowstone River.  Hellroaring Creek Trailhead is in the Northeastern section of the park and a little difficult to find because …

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Sep 14

A Little Help From Our Friends


Well, Karen and I need a little help from friends on deciding what pictures should go in a calendar we are trying to make.  We ended up taking way too many photographs on our big trip to Yellowstone and now it has been a little hard four us to determine what 12 pictures are worthy …

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Sep 13

Rustic Falls: Roadside Waterfall in Yellowstone

Rustic Waterfall

Rustic Falls is a quick little stop on the Grand Loop Road between Swan Lake and Mammoth Hot Springs. While Rustic Falls is not one of the nicer waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park it’s easy to get to location makes it worth the quick stop.  This particular waterfall is not very large at just 47 …

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Sep 12

Black Sand Basin: One of the More Colorful Basins

Iron Spring Creek

Black Sand Basin is a small collection of geyser and hot springs in Yellowstone National Park, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality.  This particular basin is not high on most books or websites list of attractions, but do not let that stop you from making the quick visit to see these colorful …

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Sep 11

Mount Rushmore Visitor Center: A Shrine to the Republic


Mount Rushmore is just one of those sites that every person living in the United States should go see at least once in their lifetime.  It does not matter if you are white, black, brown, pink, or yellow if you are in the states show a little civic pride and make the trip.Yes, the history …

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Sep 10

Fairy Falls: Great Yellowstone Day Hike

Fairy Falls Upclose

Fairy Falls is a great trail for a day hike in Yellowstone National Park.  At 5 miles round trip it keeps a lot of the Yellowstone visitors away though you will not have the trail to yourself.  Mostly flat, ita has an outstanding view of Grand Prismatic Spring, and the payoff at the end is a …

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Sep 09

Monday Musing: Will the People with Principals Please Stand Up

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

I love how politics make hypocrites out of most people because it really gives you a sense of who is made out of strong moral fiber and those that are just blind shills of their political affiliation, but will the people with principles please stand up.  I’m sure there are some out there, but it …

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Sep 07

Top 10 Things to see and do in the Red Rock Country of Arizona


Red Rock Country of Arizona is home ot some of the most scenic areas in the Southwest.  There are lots of outdoor attractions and adventures to be had there.  With all the trails and scenic attractions it was tough to come up with a top 10 list for region.  Like all top 10 lists they are …

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Sep 06

Teaching Tip: Use Quizlet


For a couple of years now I have been giving my students the opportunity to use a website called Quizlet to help them study for tests.  Working in a low economic area the majority of my students were not able to take advantage of it but I still pushed ahead because if it could at …

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Sep 05

Artists Paint Pots: Bringing out the Colors in Yellowstone

Milky Blue Pools

Artists Paint Pots is a just short hike to a great collection of dozens of geothermal features including springs, geysers, vents, and the highly entertaining mud pots.  Despite its very colorful features Artists Paint Pots is often overlooked by tourists to Yellowstone National Park and while you will probably not have the entire area to …

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