Sep 27

Uncle Tom’s Trail: Steep Treat

Rainbow over fallsUncle Tom’s Trail is great little trail that will get the heart pumping both from its awe-inspiring views but also the 500 foot loss of elevation in a little under a mile.  It’s a great trail to do if you think your body can handle the over 300 steel grated steps down to the platform overlooking Lower Falls. This particular hike will get you just about as close as you can get to the 308 foot waterfall.  While Uncle Tom’s Trail is a wonderful trail to do I would not say that it would make or break your trip if you decide that the series of stairs attached to the cliffside is not your cup of tea then just take advantage of the many other viewpoints that can be found of the Upper and Lower Falls on both sides of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.stairway shotThis particular hike was originally the idea of Uncle Tom Richardson in 1898 who would take people down a serious of ropes and ladders to the base of the fall.  He ran tours into the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone until park services were developed and ended his enterprise sometime around 1905.Uncle Tom's TrailheadTo reach Uncle Tom’s Trail head south from Canyon Village on Grand Loop Road and turn left onto South Rim Drive.  You will cross the Yellowstone River and go for a half a mile before you will see a large parking area on your left for the South Rim and Uncle Tom’s Trail.  Along the South Rim Trail there will be sign for Uncle Tom’s Trail which will start off as a series of switchbacks before you hit the first of the 300 plus steel grated steps.Raging riverThe great thing about Uncle Tom’s Trail is just how close you can get to Lower Falls.  Feeling the rush of the water and hearing its fury will definitely create a deep and lasting impression on you.  The only problem is that it is a steep hike in such a little distance, but the good news is that whenever you get winded just stop and look at the falls one more time and try to take it all in. To see all of our reviews of things to see or do in Yellowstone click http://plainadventure.com/tag/yellowstone-national-park/ Power of Water
Uncle Tom’s Trail
Half mile trail to the 328 Steps (give or take a few)
Strenuous Level Hike
45 to 60 minutes
Trail Head is on South Rim Drive
For more information about Yellowstone National Park visit their website at http://www.nps.gov/yell/index.htm

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