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Rustic Falls: Roadside Waterfall in Yellowstone

Rustic FallsRustic Falls is a quick little stop on the Grand Loop Road between Swan Lake and Mammoth Hot Springs. While Rustic Falls is not one of the nicer waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park it’s easy to get to location makes it worth the quick stop.  This particular waterfall is not very large at just 47 feet, but it does offer a unique bell like shape.  Rustic Falls is a seasonal waterfall with its peak season in the spring and early summer.  By the later summer months Rustic Falls, depending on rain and snowmelt, can slow down to a trickle and could go dry.

As for getting the chance to see the waterfall there are two pullouts that serve Rustic Falls.  Heading South from Mammoth Falls the first pullout is right near the top of the falls and the second one is about 500 yards down the road. I preferred seeing Rustic Falls from the more distant pullout. Both spots have limited parking and the falls are not worth circling around and waiting for a spot to open up if they are full.  The best bet is to just remember the spot and if it is open later stop.Rustic Waterfall

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There are many waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park to choose from some are roadside falls like Gibbon Falls, Undine Falls, and of course the extraordinary Upper and Lower Falls while others require a hike to see like Fairy Falls or Mystic Falls. Whatever your plans are when you visit Yellowstone National Park make sure you seek out some of the great waterfalls that can be found in the park.

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Rustic Falls
Located about 4.5 miles South of Mammoth on the Grand Loop Road
47 Foot Waterfall
10 minutes
For more information about Yellowstone National Park visit their website at http://www.nps.gov/yell/index.htm

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  1. freda

    I like waterfalls, I know you do too. Have you ever seen Niagra Falls? It is sooooo big and loud. It would be worthwhile to get proper papers to go to the Canada side. And spend some time there at night as well. That’s a lot of water. Oh yes take the boat ride. It is amazing. It goes up close to the falls so you are issued a rain coat.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Never been to New York or Canada, both of those places are on our bucket list. So hopefully someday soon! Thanks for the information-

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