Sep 12

Black Sand Basin: One of the More Colorful Basins

Black Sand Basin is a small collection of geyser and hot springs in Yellowstone National Park, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality.  This particular basin is not high on most books or websites list of attractions, but do not let that stop you from making the quick visit to see these colorful pools.  Just about a half hour of your time is all it will take for the opportunity to see such a richly colorful area.

The location of the Black Sand Basin is just north of the Old Faithful Village so depending on if you are coming or going from Old Faithful you might think that you have seen enough hot springs and geysers to last you a lifetime.  However, the chance to the see the colorful banks of the Iron Spring Creek and the deep colorful Emerald Pool make the Black Sand Basin worth the stop.

Besides Emerald Pool and Iron Spring Creek the other highlights of the Black Sand Basin is the frequently erupting Cliff Geyser, the Rainbow Pool, and Opalescent Pool  which has flooded its surrounding area and created a graveyard of skeleton trees.  To learn about the area during your visit, catch one of the park rangers’ informational tours of the Black Sand Basin.  To find out what times they give the tour make sure you check out a nearby visitor center at Old Faithful Village or the park newsletter.  One of the best ways to really learn about an area is take one of the free tours and ask questions to the wonderful park staff.

If you are up for an extended stroll you can walk from the Upper Geyser Basin area to Black Sand Basin which is about half a mile in distance.  This extension of the Upper Geyser Basin can be a great start to your day especially if you are staying at the Old Faithful Lodge plus you will see plenty of other colorful springs along the way.

Remember that you are in wild country and it can be dangerous if you do not use common sense and sound judgment.  Not only are the animals wild but so is the land and getting too close to either can make a great vacation go sour and even be deadly real quick.  Animals will protect themselves, their area, and young while the geothermal areas are fragile and dangerous so stay on assigned paths.  If you use caution and are prepared Yellowstone will be a great life experience and please leave it just as you found it so the next person can enjoy.  Happy Travels!!!

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Black Sand Basin
Located just 1 mile north of Old Faithful
Small Geyser and Spring Area
20-40 minutes to walk

For more information about Yellowstone National Park visit their website at http://www.nps.gov/yell/index.htm


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