Sep 11

Mount Rushmore Visitor Center: A Shrine to the Republic

Mount RushmoreMount Rushmore is just one of those sites that every person living in the United States should go see at least once in their lifetime.  It does not matter if you are white, black, brown, pink, or yellow if you are in the states show a little civic pride and make the trip.HistoryYes, the history of the United States is not perfect no country has a perfect past, but what the Monument means to me and hopefully all people that visit it is hope.  The four men sculpted into that rock were not perfect men nor did they lead perfect lives, but they helped shape this great country and learning about their successes and failures along with the other great men and women in America’s past will help shape our future.  Because learning what those people stood for will help us make up our minds on what we should stand for, and this is why our country is so great.  We are entitled to our own opinion, but if we do not use our own brains to come up with that opinion and let others make up our minds for us then our country will cease to be the bright shining city on the hill.  Maybe we have reached that point over the last couple of decades, maybe there is still some fight left in this old dog, and just maybe our next group of leaders will care more about the country than the lobbyists and our country will get back on the right track.The facesA great place to learn about sculpture, the history of the country, and the four men that make up the faces on the rock is the Mount Rushmore Visitor Center.  On our first visit to Mount Rushmore we completely skipped the visitor center thinking that the gift shop area near the entrance was it.  On our second visit we were with my in-laws and told them we would meet them in the visitor center.  My wife and I headed over to what we now know is the gift shop and waited for them.  After a while we came to the conclusion we were not in the right place.  Eventually we asked a park ranger where the visitor center was and he kindly informed us we were standing on it.  The visitor center is actually below the observation platform so we took the stairs down to it and there were my wife’s parents wondering what happened to us.

Now the visitor center will not wow you with the latest technological gadgets or highly interactive exhibits, but what it will do for you is provide you with lots of information.  They have several interesting things on the making of Mount Rushmore, but my favorite part of the visitor center is how they sum up the history of the United States and why those four men were chosen.  While my words would never do it justice but the picture below sums it up nicely.Meaning of Mount RushmoreI hope you will take a visit to Mount Rushmore and it ends up providing you with a curiosity and urgency to learn more about the history of the United States.  To see other historical places that are found throughout this country.  By learning about the good and the bad of our past we can better shape our future for a brighter tomorrow.

To read more about our visit to South Dakota you can click here.  To find out more about what to see or do at Mount Rushmore visit their website at http://www.nps.gov/moru/index.htmdiorama
Mount Rushmore Visitor Center
Hours of Operation: Summer Months 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. the rest of the year 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Cost $11.00 per vehicle

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