Sep 09

Monday Musing: Will the People with Principals Please Stand Up

I love how politics make hypocrites out of most people because it really gives you a sense of who is made out of strong moral fiber and those that are just blind shills of their political affiliation, but will the people with principles please stand up.  I’m sure there are some out there, but it is hard to find them anymore.  Looking at how people are siding on the Syrian conflict is a wonderful way to see if a person has  abackbone or is just a slave to their political party.

Now if you were a Bush supporter going into Iraq and still feel strongly that it was a good thing then you should be for President Obama sending a message to Syria.  Saddam Hussein was a tyrant and killed thousands and thousands of his own people.  Assad is a dictator not the nicest guy on the planet and helps funnel weapons to terror groups.  He also has chemical weapons just like Hussein did and, if you believe our President, used those chemicals on his own people just like Saddam did.  So if you were against Hussein you should be against Assad.

If you were a President Bush basher on going into war in Iraq on the basis that he had weapons of mass destruction then you should be against President Obama on possibly attacking Syria.  It is pretty simple Bush said there were weapons we need to attack; Obama is saying Assad used chemical weapons we need to attack.  Now in both of those instances they said we have had intelligence and key information to back up those claims.  Do you believe one president over the other? Is that because you favor an elephant over a donkey or vice versa?  Look deep into your soul, if you still have one, and ask yourself if I was against one why should I be for the other.

Personally I do not think we should be involved in this conflict at all.  It does not seem the so called Syria Rebels really have America’s best interest at heart just like the Iraqi people did/do not have America’s best interest at heart.  It is a tragedy in what is happening in Syria but it was a tragedy in what happened in Rwanda and the United States did not get involved in that so why get involved in Syria.

For once it would be nice if the majority of Americans paid attention to what our leaders are saying on this conflict and see what decisions they are making and hold them accountable.  In order to do that we need to hold ourselves accountable and stick to our principals we laid out the last time we thought we needed to go after a Middle Eastern country for what it was doing.  I do not personally care which side of this Syrian conflict you are on I just hope you have the principals and the strong moral fiber not to decide on this important issue just based on if you are Democrat or a Republican.

Look at the facts use sound judgment and then back those politicians that think like you.  You might be surprised at who you actually agree with.

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