Sep 06

Teaching Tip: Use Quizlet

For a couple of years now I have been giving my students the opportunity to use a website called Quizlet to help them study for tests.  Working in a low economic area the majority of my students were not able to take advantage of it but I still pushed ahead because if it could at least help out one then it would be worth it.  For those that did not have access at home we used downtime in class…let me rephrase that because there is no downtime in the age of testing… when some students were finished working in class and others were still working I would let the ones finished play some of the study games on Quizlet while others watched and called out answers.

Quizlet basically works just like old fashion flash cards.  You can look at with the term and answer, have it set up where it only shows the term and after you click on it the answer appears so it is a great way to self-test.  Besides the flashcards the terms can also be set up to give a practice test, a matching game, and a speed typing game.  If you are teaching and using it for your class make sure you put your name as the first part of your sets title that way your students can find it easier.

I started using it in 2009 and thought it was really a good program especially since it is free, but now I know that according to the Scientific American Journal the best way for students to study is self-testing and using flashcards.  To read more about the results they came up with you can read the article by clicking here.

If you have not tried Quizlet yet give it a chance it is a great teaching tool I like it so much I have started making flash cards on Quizlet with my own daughter to get her started in reading.  I put a picture of an animal, shape, or color and then click on the picture to show her the word.  She is almost 1 and half years old and she can already recognize a few words. So like I tell my students if it can work for my 1 year old give it a shot I bet it can work for you.  You can check out their website at http://quizlet.com/

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    All the pictures are great. If I had to choose only twelve I think I would go with 3,4,6,7,11,12,16,19,20,21,22 and 24 (or you could just add more months).

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