Sep 04

Free Online Panoramic Software

As I sat down tonight trying to come up with something to blog about and debating with myself about if I wanted to put in the effort after a long days work, I did what probably most people do in that sort of situation, I procrastinated and started wasting time on the internet.  After a good 30 minutes of checking up on the news, sports, and my fantasy football team I started looking at some of my pictures from Karen and mine vacation to Yellowstone.  I came across some pictures and thought about putting together a panoramic shot.  Not owning photoshop or any other picture software I started looking for something online to make my panoramic shot a reality.

After trying several different Google searches I came across this free online panoramic online site at  http://www.dermandar.com/.  It was as easy as counting to 3. I just uploaded my pictures and it put it together.  I had the option of just saving the picture to my desktop or I could sign up for free to their site and embed it to my blog.  Within a few minutes I ended up with the shot below. (it can take a while to load the picture)

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  1. freda

    That is so cool.

  2. Kenny and Karen

    Thank you! We were pretty excited about it too.

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