Aug 21

Mormon Row: Grand Teton National Park

Historic Mormon RowWhen I think of Grand Teton National Park one of my first thoughts is the iconic picture of the old barn with the slanted roof that mimics the shape of the Teton peaks in the distance.  My wife and I have been to Grand Teton National Park twice since we have been married and though there are lots to see in the park we keep going back to Mormon Row.  Someday I will get myself up early enough to see the first rays of light hit the barn and illuminate the mountain peaks, but for now I will just have to be satisfied with seeing it mid-morning instead of at first light.Moulton BarnMormon Row was settled in the 1890s by a group of Mormons who established 27 homesteads in the area.  These settlers worked the fertile land setting up a system of levees and ditches to irrigate the soil.  It is astonishing to think that a countless number of people went out and built these things with their own hands and made a living in some very harsh environments.  I could not imagine what the winters must have been like before modern amenities heck I couldn’t imagine what any season would have been like before today’s modern comforts.  Do not get my wrong I like to get out in nature and hike and pitch a tent but when I leave nature there is nothing like ordering pizza and having a nice long hot shower.Through the Fence bWToday Mormon Row in the Antelope Flats area is an interesting spot to see when visiting the Grand Tetons.  It is located off of Highway 191 on Antelope Flats Rd and is a magnet for photographers and tourists.  The historic barns and homesteads make for interesting foreground and have graced countless photos and calendars.  My wife Karen and I even used it for our family portrait to send out in our Christmas card one year.M at Mormon RowAnother reason to visit this area of the park is that wildlife frequent the area from buffalo to pronghorns it is as good a spot as any to see some of the wildlife of the west.  In front of the Moulton Barn lives a colony of ground squirrels which put on a pretty good show, but watch out for their holes because a sprained ankle would definitely ruin your vacation.Teton BisonMormon Row gives you the chance to take that iconic picture that you can hang proudly on your wall, get there early enough and get that magic lighting that only happens at first light or dusk and you might end up with a picture someone else might want on their wall.  An hour or less is all that you will need here, but make sure you give the rest of the building some love and don’t just stop off at the famous barn.  There are interesting pictures to be taken throughout the area.Teton HomesteadTo see our other reviews of Teton National Park Attractions click here or to find out more information about the park visit their official website at http://www.nps.gov/grte/index.htm

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  1. freda

    This is a good way to make me thankful for all of the modern conveniences I enjoy today. Those ladies back in this time were pretty tough.

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