Aug 20

Lakeshore Trail: Grand Teton National Park

Lake View of the TetonsLakeshore Trail is a beautiful easy two mile hike with limited elevation gain that is just an all-around great day hike in Grand Teton National Park.  The hike follows a section of shoreline along Colter Bay and Jackson Lake providing some wonderful views of the Teton Mountain Range before crossing over into a peninsula that juts out into Jackson Lake.Lake Shore Foot TrailThe Lakeshore Trailhead is located at Colter Bay Village near the visitor center.  Following the shoreline past the marina area you will come across a sign that points the way to the Lakeshore Trail.  Make sure you take the time to take in the sights of the boats sitting out on the water with the majestic peaks rising in the distance.  Grand Teton National Park is a very scenic national park and I have been there twice seeing a good portion of it and this ended up being one of my favorite spots that I have been.The TrailOnce on the trail you will travel along the shore of Colter Bay before you cross an isthmus like rocky outcropping to reach the peninsula that juts out into Jackson Lake.  The trail will follow the lakeshore for a bit and then head inland for a while, but do not worry even though you can no longer see the lake you are heading in the right direction.  Eventually you will reach the other side of the peninsula and will starting heading back to the isthmus and back to the marina at Colter Bay.On the TrailIf you have the time take the side trip down the other peninsula that is on the opposite side of the marina it is a short flat walk to the end which looks out what is once again another beautiful scene in Grand Teton National Park.  Another good trip idea in the area is to rent a boat, kayak, or canoe and get out on the lake.  Having a little one year old at the time we did this hike we saved the boat rental for another day.colter bay 1Lakeshore Trail is a wonderful short trail that is accessible for every person in the family.  The views are fantastic and the day of our hike, which was in June, we had the whole trail to ourselves.

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Lakeshore Trail
2 Mile Trail
Easy Level Trail
60 to 90 Minutes
For more information about Grand Teton National Park visit their website at http://www.nps.gov/grte/index.htm

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