Aug 14

Presidential Trail: Mount Rushmore

G washingtonIf you visit Mount Rushmore make sure you take the Presidential Trail while you are there because it is an excellent way to really get up close and personal with the monument.  By not just stopping at the top but actually taking the trail down you will be treated to some very unique views of Mount Rushmore that typically do not make the guidebooks.  The trail serves as an excellent way to learn a little bit about the four men that make up the faces on the monument.  Throughout the Presidential Trail you will find information about the famous presidents, it makes for a good lesson as you soak in the patriotic grandeur that is Mount Rushmore.Lincoln InformationThe Presidential Trail has two main things going for it, first it offers the closest viewpoints of the presidents faces and second it might give you a chance to see some wildlife.  If you are lucky you will see mountain goats that sometimes frequent the area if you are unlucky you might only see some chipmunks.  Though there are now over 200 mountain goats that live in the area we have not seen one at either of our two visits to the memorial, but the chipmunks have been pretty entertaining.Washington and JeffersonOn the far right side of the Presidential Trail make sure you take the time to visit the sculptor’s studio which includes a short studio presentation on the carving process of the monument.  It also houses the scale model the sculptor Gutzon Borlum used make his monument so precise.  The ranger talk is definitely worth it but if you cannot stay long enough to catch it make sure you take advantage of the rangers expertise and ask them questions.LincolnThe Presidential Trail at Mount Rushmore is a great short hike for a variety of close up views of the monument.  It is a short half mile trail that is mostly made up of boardwalks with a series of steps strung throughout.  We recommend starting on the left side and working your way to the right eventually making it to the Sculptor’s Studio before you take the long series of steps back to the top.

To see other things to do in the area visit our South Dakota page by clicking here.     Presidential TrailPresidential Trail
Half Mile Loop
Easy Level Trail with a few inclines and steps
30 minutes
For more information on Mount Rushmore go to their website http://www.nps.gov/moru/index.htm

At Mount Rushmore

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