Aug 12

Schwabacher Landing: An Awe-inspiring Spot in a Beautiful Place

Grand Teton ReflectionsSchwabacher Landing is one of the more spectacular sights in already beautiful country.  When planning a trip to Grand Teton National Park make sure you put on your itinerary a stop down Schwabacher Landing.  Unfortunately during this time of government sequestration the gravel road down to Schwabacher Landing is closed to cars, but you are allowed to walk down it and it is worth the effort.Schwabacher RoadThe gravel road of Schwabacher Landing is little steep and bumpy so if and when it opens back up make sure you know the limitations of your vehicle if you decide to drive it.  The road lasts for one mile down to the parking lot where there is a four-mile hiking trail that follows the banks of the Snake River.  If you are lucky you might be able to spot some of the amazing wildlife that frequents the area.  Commonly seen near Schwabacher Landing are moose, deer, coyotes, bald eagles, and the occasional bear.  We were not so lucky on our particular visit but the remarkable scenery more than made up for it.Tetons ReflectionIf you want the best possible pictures you can get try to get to the trail before sunrise and be ready to shoot as the early rays of light illuminate the Tetons.  Now if you are like me and have a little one year old in tow or are not that interested in getting the best shot but just some really nice pictures get there sometime in the morning while the sun is still shinning from the east.Family PictureRemember that whenever you are hiking take the proper precautions and also remember that you are in bear country so be bear aware and prepared.  Follow all park rules and try your hardest to leave no impact on the area so others can enjoy the spot as much as you did.Beaver PondSchwabacher Landing offers some of the more classic views of Grand Teton National Park.  With the number of beaver ponds and the Snake River there are a number of spots to get great photos of the Tetons reflecting off of the water.  It is just an awe-inspiring spot that turns a good vacation into a great one.Lower Schwabacher Parking AreaSchwabacher Landing
Located about 16 miles north of Jackson on State Highway 89
Best Time to Go- First Light to the early afternoon
The Road to Schwabacher Landing is closed due to sequestration but check with the visitor’s center for a more current update on the road

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