Aug 09

Fossil Exhibit Trail: Badlands National Park

Fossil Rim TrailThe Fossil Exhibit Trail is an interesting short trail that showcases a few of the fossils that have been found in the Badlands area.  Just a quarter mile loop that is wheelchair accessible so a great little walk for little kids especially those interested in fossils unfortunately for adults the trail might be a little disappointing knowing that the fossils are reproductions and for the most part a little on the small side. It is not one of the best hiking trails in Badlands National Park, but it is somewhat interesting and worth a stop if you have the time.  Stories in StoneIt is an interesting area of the park and the trail is setup much different than the other trails there because it is the only one that is showing off what is in the ground while the others point out the raw beauty that can be found in some parts of South Dakota.  The good news is that the Fossil Exhibit Trail is short and overall it is a fun little trail as long as you go in with the proper mind set and do not have too high of expectations.  If you are in the park during the summer months park rangers give a presentation along the Fossil Rim Trail that gives details about the rich fossil history of the park.FossilThe Fossil Exhibit Trail is nice short jaunt into the natural history of the badlands.  Though they were reproductions, the fossils were interesting to look at.  It was kind of fun to try and imagine how different the badlands used to be thousands of years ago.  If you are really limited on time I would personally pass on this trail and choose some of the other short hike options that showcase the Badland formations.

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Fossil TrailFossil Exhibit Trail
Quarter Mile Loop
Easy Fully Accessible Trail
15 to 25 minutes
For more information on Badlands National Park go to their website at http://www.nps.gov/badl/index.htm

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