Aug 07

Signal Mountain Road: Short Road that packs in the Scenery

Teton ViewsSignal Mountain Road is a great short drive to take to get some scenic views of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.  It is a seasonal road that does not open until late May but if you are in the park when it is drivable it is well worth the trip to the summit.  Signal Mountain Road gives you a chance not only to see the Tetons from a higher elevation prospective it also gives you views of the Snake River as it winds through the area.Signal Mountain RoadThe road to the summit of Signal Mountain is five miles and though the views of the distant Teton peaks are obstructed by the forest this could be a good chance to see some wildlife so make sure you drive a little on the slow side.  There are two parking areas along the drive- the East View Overlook gives fantastic views of the Snake River and the Jackson Point Overlook which overlooks the beautiful Grand Teton Range.Views foreverIf driving Signal Mountain is a little too pedestrian for you then the Signal Mountain Trail might be just the ticket.  The trail is 6.8 miles roundtrip that starts at the Signal Mountain Lodge and goes to the summit.  We were not able to take this trail on this trip to the Tetons, but it is definitely on our to-do list for the next time we go.Grand Teton National ParkSignal Mountain Road is just another nice perk of actually paying to enter Grand Teton National Park.  If you are there for more than one day then do not overlook taking the time to go to the summit of Signal Mountain and soak in the views.  We highly recommend going as early in the day as you can for the best chance to see wildlife and to have good lighting on the Tetons.

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Located just south of Signal Mountain Lodge on TetonPark Road
For more information on the Signal Mountain Road visit the Grand Teton National Park website at http://www.nps.gov/grte/index.htm

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