Aug 01

Cody Cowboy Village: A Cozy Stay in a Gateway Town

Logcabin FeelThe Cody Cowboy Village was a plesant surprise for us during our stay in Cody, Wyoming.  Karen and I procrastinated once again when we were planning were we were going to go on vacation.  Since we enjoyed Yellowstone so much the first time 5 years ago we decided to head back.  Unfortunately we made up our mind about a month before we were leaving which did not give us a whole lot of time to find places to say.  At one point we almost ended up changing plans because we could not find affordable accommodations in and around Yellowstone National Park.  We stayed at it and eventually found some real gems like The Cody Cowboy Village.Front Porch LivinKaren and I were only passing through Cody and were just staying long enough to check out the wonderful Buffalo Bill Historical Center.  Since it was just for the one night we were only looking for a clean room with a comfortable bed, and what we ended up with was one of the coziest stays we had on our entire trip.Clean ComfortableCody Cowboy Village is a series of log cabins located near the rodeo grounds which is on the far west side of town right off Highway 14.  They have 10 luxury suites and 40 cabin rooms.  Karen and I stayed in one of the cabins that had a king size bed that was one of the most comfortable hotel beds I have ever slept on.  Plus the complimentary breakfast in the morning made for a perfect start of the day.  Since we arrived late and had to put our 1 year old daughter to bed we did not get to check out their large outdoor spa so here is to hoping for the next time we are driving through.BathroomWe thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Cody Cowboy Village the owner made us feel very welcomed and even recommended several places to find good food.  Karen and I thought the log cabin with the tasteful cowboy décor made for a perfect setting for our stay in Cody Country.  We will definitely be staying there again. Just to let you know we were not paid or perked to write this review in fact we doubt The Cody Cowboy Village has any idea who we are. Karen and I just wanted to give our humble opinion on The Cody Cowboy Village.

To see their website you can go http://www.thecodycowboyvillage.com/ or give them a call at 307-587-7555

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