Jul 31

Shell Falls: A Perfect Stop during a Long Drive

Shell Falls Slight RainbowOne of the longest drives of any vacation that Karen and I have been on has to be the drive from Rapid City, South Dakota to Cody, Wyoming.  It is not so much the miles or the hours of driving the route that makes it drag on forever, but it is just the fact that we are so excited about reaching Yellowstone that it just seems to take much longer than it should.Shell Falls SignLuckily there are few distractions along the way.  One of our favorites is Devils Tower which you can read about by clicking here.  Another one of our favorite stops is the Shell Falls rest area and interpretive center.  Shell Falls is a beautiful waterfall in a stunning canyon area and if you are lucky you might get to see hummingbirds at some of their feeders that they have up around the area.PlatformThe Shell Falls stop is the perfect place to get out and stretch your legs a little after driving most of the way through the windy roads of the Bighorn National Forest.  The falls are 120 feet in height and there is a boardwalk with a series of steps that you can take that will give you a little bit closer view.  There is also a visitor center with information about the area along with some souvenir like items available for purchase.Shell Falls Trail SignIf you want to extend your stay for a few more minutes you can take the short paved walkway directly behind the visitor center.  It was a good excuse for us to stretch our legs a little bit more before we continued on our way to Cody.  It is a beautiful drive from Rapid City to Cody and Shell Falls is just one of things that helps make it memorable.

To see other waterfalls that Karen and I have visited click here.  Shell Falls TrailShell Falls
Located on Highway 14 between Dayton and Shell
Visitor Center Hours 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily from June through September
Cost as of this Posting: Free but donations are accepted
For more information on Shell Falls and its visitor center visit their website at http://www.wyomingtourism.org/travelguide/detail/Bighorn-National-Forest–Shell-Falls-Visitor-Center/4201Shell Falls

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