Jul 29

Tip of the Week: Get a Hobby

Get a hobby; find something that helps you pass the days filling you with enjoyment.  I think that one of the reasons that so much junk (and it is junk) ends up on television is because they know that many of us just spend our nights watching what is on tv.  Now I am not saying television is a bad thing, too much television is, but what I am saying is that life is better spent doing the things bring us cheer.

As you can tell from this blog there are several things that I enjoy doing from photography, travel, writing the blog and my yearly hobby that is about to start, up fantasy football.  Those are just a few of things that bring me happiness.  And I will say this, nights spent doing any one of my many hobbies are always better than nights spent flipping channels looking for something to watch.

So go out and get yourself a hobby.  Think about something you like and just go for it, and if you are having troubles thinking of things to do for your hobby you can be like my wife Karen who finds all sorts of things for her hobbies on Pinterest.

I give Karen a hard time about her time on pinterest and she gives me a hard time about trying to keep up with my fantasy football team, but since both are things we enjoy it is just some light kidding.  It is so important for you to have the important people in your life to really support your hobby because if they do not then it will always seem like a waste a time instead of a fulfillment of time.  Karen is the best at being supportive in fact she will go as far as to partake in the hobby.  Here is her fantasy team below not too shabby if I say so myself.

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