Jul 22

Monday Musing: Living in a Fantasy World


Is it just me or are we starting to believe that we are living in fantasy world?  It has been going on for a while, but it seems even if reality smacks us in the face we just look around say everything is fine and go back to what we were doing.  Even if the hard concrete facts hit us square in eye we say, “ahh that is not the way that I see it.”

Let us take the whole Detroit catastrophe where bad management, runaway unions, terrible schools, out of wedlock births, and rampant crime led to its downfall.  Detroit did not adapt to changing times, people who had the opportunity and ability got the heck out of Dodge and eventually it got to the point that there were not enough workers to pay for those that are not working and it collapsed.  That is the reality of it, but we do not live in reality anymore we are living in a fantasy world.

Reading the news and seeing the comments have become quite comical lately as both sides try to blame each other for what happened in Detroit.  Depending on what news organization you turn to you will probably be hearing that it is all the Democrats fault or it is all the Republicans fault.  For example, you have Ed Schultz of MSNBC over the weekend blame Republican policies of having too small of a government is what caused Detroit’s downfall.  To help him make his argument seem legitimate he brings in Senator Bernie Sanders a self-proclaimed socialist.  Not that Shultz explained to his audience or anybody channel flipping that Sanders is a socialist. Now on the flipside you have Sean Hannity of Fox News hammering the Democrats and especially the president over Detroit because President Obama used Detroit to hammer Mitt Romney.  Romney said he would let Detroit go bankrupt and Obama said, “We refuse to let Detroit go bankrupt.”

So what… right?  Who really cares what two blowhards like Schultz and Hannity say?  Unfortunately it is not just them and too many people are low informed voters that live in their fantasy world, hear the talking points from whatever side they are affiliated with and then go vote.

People, we need to slip back into reality, do a little homework ourselves, and stop listening to everybody else.   There is starting to become a real need for this because it seems like America is more divided then ever.  We need to realize that there is just too much money involved and thanks to us it is going to those that want to divide us instead of uniting us.  Until we stop, and make them stop, things are just going to get worse.

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  1. freda

    People that have their hand out for free money don’t seem to realize or care that , the money comes from somewhere!!! that somewhere is from some individuals that work a job the the money so others can claim it without working. That is a bunch of bologny.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      they just have never been made to care about that… when our government says it ok most people either do not care or just do not know that it is wrong

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