Jul 05

Saint Louis Science Center: a Fab Freebie

CybervilleSaint Louis Science Center is yet another free attraction found in Saint Louis’ Forest Park along with the zoo, art museum, and history museum.  See those four things and you will have a very enlightening visit in the Gateway City.  The Saint Louis Science Center offers over 700 hands-on exhibits.  You can also pay to see some of the special exhibits they bring in or see what is showing at the planetarium or Omnimax theater.Tornado ExhibitExhibits at the Saint Louis Science Center cover a variety of different scientific fields from physics, earth science, new technologies, life sciences, chemistry, anthropology, astrology, and more.  In other words all of the scientific bases are covered here.  They are able to cover so much because the building is huge.  The Saint Louis Science Center is the 5th largest science center in the United States.animated dinosaursOur trip there started on the planetarium side of the Science Center which offers free parking while the museum side (which is across the highway) is closer but costs $10 to park.  Having a one year old at the time of our visit did not allow us to take in a show at the planetarium figuring that she would not want to be in one spot for that long.  The neat part of parking on the free side is walking across the highway because the bridge across has windows looking down onto the traffic which gives me a little sense of vertigo looking at the traffic fly past below me.Space ExhibitThe lobby area is home to a gigantic three story high Energizer Ball Machine which was pretty fascinating to look at as melon sized spheres were rolling all over the place.  After moving away from the lobby we explored the four levels they had to offer.  The Saint Louis Science Center had different levels to explore and the floors were divided up into different themed areas.  Some of the exhibits in the ecology area explained how tornados are formed and what it is like to dig for dinosaurs while the Discovery Room was geared for the youngest of scientists with exhibits for as young as one year olds.  Those interested in modern technology should check out their Cyberville area, here Karen and I were able to play music on a harp that used lasers instead of strings.   We also got to create 3D animation and use our body as a controller.  They also had hands-on exhibits on the human body as well as the principals of engineering.Mind PuzzlesKaren and I did enjoy our time at the Saint Louis Science Center and we really appreciate the fact that it was free.  While it is a very large exhibit with lots of things to do the area did feel a little dated to us.  Having been to other science museums like the one in Denver we left this one feeling a little wanting.  With that said, we both would rather go back to the Saint Louis Science Center instead of the Denver one when our daughter is old enough to enjoy it more just because it is free.Experience EnergyThe Saint Louis Science Center is a really good place to go if you have young children and helps you get out of the heat if you are visiting Forest Park during the summer months.  Being a free science museum definitely helps this place become a must see if you are in Saint Louis and have a few days there.  Karen and I highly recommend taking full advantage of the Forest Park area whenever you visit the Gateway City.

To see other science museums that we have reviewed like the Saint Louis Science Center click here Science LabSaint Louis Science Center
Located at 5050 Oakland Ave, Saint Louis, MO
Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 5:30
Cost as of this Posting: Free – special exhibits cost extra
For more information visit their website at http://www.slsc.org/

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