Jul 04

The 4th For Us

At the ParadeThe 4th for us was a really enjoyably day and we sure hope that you all had the chance to enjoy yours too!  We started the day off by going to the annual town 4th of July parade.  It was a lot of fun for us to get out and about and M enjoyed seeing all of the American Flags.  She would just point and point and wave at them as they waved in the breeze.Two Patriotic GirlsWe then spent the afternoon with Karen’s family just enjoying the company.  It always makes a holiday special when we get to spend some time with the family. M got to see her sweet cousin and we had a little impromptu photo shoot…I so wish that I would have brought our flash with us.  Her cousin was the perfect little model while M could not sit still for two seconds, but we got some shots despite our little rug rat doing her best to spoil it.Fireworks DisplayAfter that we got some BBQ from a local resturant and waited for the fireworks to go off.    All-in-all we had a wonderful holiday.  Hope you had a good one too!Fireworks
4th of July Fireworks

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