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Tip of the Week: Invest in a Library Card

Tip of the Week: Invest in a Library Card

Now this might sound a little old-fashioned and cheesy, but having a library card is the cheapest and easiest way to go wherever you want to go.  Growing up I was never a big fan of the library even though I love to read, stupid me, I was more willing to go out and buy a book read it and stick it on my shelf like it is some sort of trophy.  Now whenever we are moving things around in the house either rearranging or remodeling I have the pleasure of moving all of those books time and time again.

So today after finishing the wood floors in my master bedroom I got the chance to move those books one more time as we relocated our things from one room to another.  If only I had used my public library to read these books I own.

Of course, it is just not books that we now check out from the library ever since we cut the cord from our cable provider we have been renting a lot more movies and even television shows from our local library.  It does not have everything we would want, but as for now we get enough free entertainment from it to keep us from signing up for an online streaming service.

We have even started getting music cds and online audio books that we have used on our ipad when we travel.  It makes it much nicer than having to buy some new songs from itunes or pay for an audiobook and then turn around and come to the realization that the book is not any good.

Finally the kicker for us and why we like our library card so much is that our little baby girl loves books and about every two weeks we go there and get ten new board books for her to look at.  She has really come to enjoy our library visits, and we are anxious for when she is old enough to move on to the next level of book.

All-in-all you really cannot go wrong with getting and using a public library card.  It is the cheapest way that we could find to get books, music, and movies.

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