Jun 28

Teaching Tip: Prepare Now Save Time Later

Teaching Tip: Prepare Now Save Time Later

I remember my time as a first year teacher many years ago spending hours every week working on lesson plans, reading material, and just trying to stay one step ahead of where I was supposed to be teaching.  It took over two years to really get everything down and feel like there was a good flow to my class and my nightly workout diminished.  The thing that I know now that I should have done then is use the summer time to prepare as much as possible because it will definitely make the school year that much easier.

When I switched to preparing during the summertime instead of just using it as an extended vacation I was a lot more confident going into the year which made me a much better teacher.  First of all I was not burned out come late in the school year, I had the time to make changes if they were needed, and more importantly because I was not spending my time lesson planning for the class I could concentrate on adapting lessons for individual students.

Of course, not every situation or lesson can be planned for ahead of time, but having the majority of what you are going to teach about ready to go makes making changes so much easier.  As a history teacher I use Smartboard Technologies to make presentations for each of my chapters that I cover before the school year starts. I make sure the presentations are aligned with the upcoming end of the year tests and each presentation covered means my students are one step closer to passing their tests.  Also having all my chapter presentations completed before the school year starts I know exactly what pace my class needs to go and I can add projects if we are ahead of pace or skip nonessentials if we are behind.  Being prepared helps set up how well the school year is going to go.

Now that I am changing schools and subjects, this summer has become even more important for me to plan.  School starts back up for me in a little over a month and by preparing now I am going to save a time later.

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