Jun 27

Carl’s Drive In: The St. Louis Burger

Carl's Dive InUsually when Karen and I go on vacation we like to spend our money on the attractions and less on food, but on our most recent trip to Saint Louis we splurged a little on some restaurant experiences.  Karen’s sister and our brother-in-law are foodies and spent some time finding good restaurants for all of us to go to while in Saint Louis and my personal favorite of the three we went to was Carl’s Drive In.Carl's Dive In HamburgerCarl’s Drive In is 1950’s style burger joint that was on foxnews.com top 10 burger restaurants in the U.S. so going in I had pretty high expectations.  The burgers they serve are thin pressed flat on the grill so they come out crispy.  Karen and I got the double cheeseburger and split some onion rings and fries.  The burger was really good because the patties are so thin the cheese melts right through it.  The fries and onion rings were above average so it all-in-all it made for a very tasty meal.  They also have a root-beer they touted but not being fans of root-beer Karen and I split a sprite.  We ended up getting our food to go since the place only has seating for 16 people and it was full-up by the time we got there.Getting Ready to EatKaren and I were glad that we stopped at Carl’s Drive in and it will probably become our go to burger place when we are in the Saint Louis area.  Is it really worthy of being on the list for the top burger restaurants in the United States?  Well, I will let you be the judge of that. Just to let you know we were not paid or perked to write this review in fact we doubt Carl’s Drive In has any idea who we are.  Karen and I just wanted to give our humble opinion on Carl’s Drive In.

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Carl’s Drive In
Located at 9033 Manchester Road, Saint Louis, Mo
Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
For more information you can call them at 314-961-9652

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