Jun 25

Tip of the Week: Keep the Clutter at a Minimum

Tip of the Week: Keep the Clutter at a Minimum


Ever find yourself with too many irons in the fire and not knowing how to keep track of it all.  Karen and I have run into that type of situation time and time again ever since our baby girl was born.  We having been remodeling our house both inside and out, keeping it clean, baby proofing, work related changes, and all the time trying to spend as much quality time with our little girl as we can.  None of that includes spending quality time with each other and doing our one personal treat which is traveling.  It is a full life but one where we end up not giving a full 100% to any one thing.

So how do we make things easier on ourselves well we try to keep the clutter at a minimum, and what I mean by clutter are those little distractions that take away our focus.  For example, over the weekend we wanted to start several projects and get them done before we have a big family gathering at our house during the 4th of July.  On Saturday we ended up running around like a mouse in a cage never getting anywhere because we had too many irons in the fire.  On Sunday, we made a list of things we wanted to get done before the 4th and starting with the most pressing and working our way down.  Tackling one thing at a time has kept our focus and we are starting to check things off.

Being able to keep focus on one thing has helped tremendously because before we would start something and then be like, wait a second I need to put the dishes away or start the laundry which would lead to cleaning the kitchen and that would lead to running to the grocery store.  Everything we tried to accomplish became as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree because everything would just roll into something else and the original project would never get done.  On Sunday without spending time on all the things that were on the periphery of what we needed to be doing we starting to get the more important things done.

By keeping the clutter to a minimum and focusing on first things first we now feel like our July 4th get together will be more of a success and less of a “please excuse our mess.”

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