Jun 17

Tip of the Week: Take the Time to Laugh

Tip of the Week: Take the Time to Laugh


Now normally I am not a big fan of Youtube or at least spending hours at a time watching videos, but my brother-in-law said I had to watch this video called Guy on a Buffalo. To give you a little background on why he would think that this is so funny is that during our college days we made a road trip out to the Wind River Range in Wyoming and made a side trip to Yellowstone for the day.  During that side-trip we saw several people get way too close to the wildlife and in most cases it was a bison more commonly known as a buffalo.  In one instance there was a couple that were riding a motorcycle, pulled over to the side of the road and the woman proceeded to walk up within about 10 feet and used her small point and shoot camera with the flash on to take a picture of the buffalo.  As she was walking closer to it we causually told the guy “dude you might want to get your wife.”   He just looked at us and said, “she does whatever she wants to do and I will not be able to stop her.”  We looked on the situation and hoped for the best and anticipated the worst, but that buffalo just kept on eating and she ended up being okay.

So when he told me about this video about a month ago he knew I was headed back out to Yellowstone and I figured it had something to do with a guy getting hit by a buffalo who ended up on its back somehow.  Boy was I ever wrong.

I showed it to my wife Karen and it hit her funny bone too and for the next couple of days we sang parts of the song or made up our own lyrics to what we were doing which ends up being those quality moments that we share.  The little things, the private inside jokes and just taking the time to laugh at something really rather silly is what makes those other moments in life that are not so calm and a lot more serious much easier to tolerate. So, take the time to laugh watch a silly video remember an old funny personal story, or whatever it might be just make sure you spend some time laughing each day and life will be a whole lot easier.

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