Jun 14

Travel Tip: Be Weather Aware

During a recent vacation Karen and I ran into some horrible weather while driving from Louisiana to Mississippi.  As we were heading from our visit to the informative Vicksburg National Military Park and heading to our destination for the night when thunderclouds started to roll in and it looked like any moment the heavens were about to open up.

The first thing that we did was unplug the IPod and turned on the local radio.  Now Karen and I are a little frugal when it comes to what we spend our money on, and we do not feel the need to be connected all the time so we do not have a data plan.  So to see what was going on weather-wise we found a local radio station that was giving up to the minute details about the baseball size hail that was going on through the area.

Karen and I were still about an hour from our destination and we were not going to make it there before the storm hit and we definitely did not want to be caught out in the storm.  So we got out the old trusty map and listened to see where the storm was hitting and where it was going and rerouted our trip around the nastiest parts of it.  We ended up missing the worst parts of it and arrived to our end point in one piece and with no damage to our rental car.

The very next day as we were continuing our journey we saw a countless number of cars with broken windshields, back windows, and dozens of dents.  Karen and I were very thankful that we were weather aware that day and not just paying attention to trivial things like the next song to play, some game or app on our IPad.

Travel Tip: Be Weather Aware
1. Pay attention to your surroundings
2. Sign up for an app or text messaging for bad weather alerts
3. If you cannot do step 2 turn on a local radio station
4. Have an alternative route you can change to
5. Look ahead to see what the weather will be like before you leave

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