Jun 13

Happy Second Blogiversary

2 yearsToday is our second blogiversary and though there were several times over the last year that we about threw in the in the towel and called it quits we are still going strong and thinking about what the next step is for us.  We have some really big plans in the works that we are excited about, but at the same time in the back our minds we know that this blog is setting on the back end of our priorities. Hopefully, with a lot of our big home projects getting to the final stage we will be able to get some of those big things done.

Now, you might be looking over at our archives and thinking we are confused as to what month it is and since our baby girl was born last week keeping track of the days on little sleep has been a lot harder, but we are not that confused yet. Yes it is true that our first blog post was not on June 12th but actually all the way back on February 12th, 2011. So, how did we come up with June 12th as our Blogivserary date, well it was the first day that we starting keeping track of our hits and page views and a hundred other things that Google Analytics does for us. We were such newbies to blogging we kept asking each other if we thought anybody was looking at this thing, and like all the widgets and plugins that we added to our blog since then we just spent some time on the internet with an idea in our mind of what we wanted and then went out and found what would work. Followed up a few weeks later by asking ourselves why in the world we waited to add it to the blog.us at Shell FallsOur blog has entered a love hate relationship stage for us we love having a record that is easily accessible of all the things that we have done over the last couple of years. We also enjoy being able to share those things easily with our friends and family, and we take great joy in helping people either through our travel experiences and helping decide on where to go and what to see or through our various tips.  Now we dislike, because hate is too harsh of word, all the work that goes into it mainly because we do not know what we are doing and are learning as we go.

Our website is still growing and we feel like we are getting better both in our pictures and content which is keeps us excited about the year ahead.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all those that have commented and have liked us on facebook we could not keep it up without your support.

The Numbers — Year Two

737 – The Number of Posts

336 –
The total number Life Posts (musings, book and movie reviews, blogging, teaching tips, etc…)

87 –
The total number of Marriage Posts (What makes our Marriage Work, Frugal Dates  baby

93 –
The total number of Photography Posts (Tips, Animals, Flora, Top 25 pictures etc…)

34 –
The total number of Remodeling Posts (Hopefully soon we will have some finished projects)

233- The total number of Travel Posts (all the wonderful and sometimes not wonderful places we have been so far, plus some of the tips that we picked up along the way)

–          You can go to our archives page and see all of our posts by clicking here

692 – Total Number of Comments (we thank you all so much for leaving comments we get so happy every time we get one, thanks again)

2 – Videos that we have made and posted on the blog and our YouTube page (we are planning a lot more)

62,474 – Total number of Visitors we have had, once again thank you so much

137 – Total number of Countries that have visited our site

98,721 – Total number of Pageviews

1,036 – Most blog pageviews we’re received in a single day

$ — We have made enough to cover the costs of hosting our blog for our two year contract- Yea!!! Thanks again to all those that visit

1.5­ – The average amount of hours per day that I spend working on our siteSeeing the PaintpotsHighlights and What’s New

We have added several new categories and weekly topics over the past year and let some things go that we were either not happy with or not popular at all.  One of our biggest highlights still is getting comments from people which really give us the motivation to keep doing what we are doing.  Another big highlight for us was achieving all of our goals of doubling our pageviews, visitors, and comments. Thanks again to all those that visit and keep visiting our humble little blog.

Our Goals for next Year

A lot of our goals are the same from our first blogiversary because we just did not have the time or know how to get those things done. Still want to set up an amazon store, get some of my photography onto a site like http://www.imagekind.com/ and create our first e-book.  We are also looking more into doing give-aways and looking into sponsors but not for sure if we are willing or ready to turn this little hobby into a business.  As far as numbers go we just want to keep improving and not regressing, and our final goal is to just keep this fun for us as well as any readers we have out there.

We just want to say one last time thanks for all the support that we have received out there and if you have  any questions, suggestions, or just want to say keep up the good work then please leave us a comment to let us know how we are doing us at mount rushmore

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  1. Cecilia

    Please don’t ever quit blogging this is the only way I get to see you guys watch M grow and know what’s going on in for life. You both are such greal writers and the pictures are wonderful.

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