Jun 03

Tip of the Week: Find Role Models Everyday

Last Friday night Karen and I got to get very personal with about 500 people as we stood hunkered down in an underground shelter riding out the latest storm to hit our state.  The majority of people there minded their own business and looked after themselves, a few were agitated and decided to not respect the shelters rules, and others went above and beyond and helped those around them.

I am not going to get into what bad behavior was going on or the complaints people had about the shelter, what I want to talk about is the people that went above and beyond to help others out.  The reason I want to talk about them is because at that particular moment those people were role models.  Somebody that took a bad situation and made it a little bit nicer for those around them.  It was the older lady that sung beautifully to my little girl just because she thought it would keep M happy.  It was the gentleman that I talked to about sports just to help take our minds off the weather that was going on around us.  The young girl that handed us a church bulletin so we could use it as a fan to help fight the sweltering heat of the shelter.  The way people shared cellphones so friends and family could stay informed on the situation.

We all have had role models that we have looked to and hopefully in your life most of them have been positive and maybe even family members.  Unfortunately I think a lot of us have stopped looking for role models or have starting looking in the wrong places.  So my tip for you this week and the weeks to come is to find role models everyday, look for people doing the right thing and try to emulate that.  I am not saying that you should drop the role models that you have all I am saying is to continually add to them.

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  1. freda

    Good thought. I’ll try to do that.

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