Jun 01

Teaching Tip: Sharpen the Saw

In this day and age it is very important for all teachers to sharpen the saw during the school year breaks as well as throughout the school year.  As more and more people are becoming reliant on the internet to know information more and more students are starting to feel like they do not need to go to school.  Every year it seems like more and more students are telling me ‘if I ever need the information that I am supposed to be learning in your class I will just look it up on Google’.  Of course, you can tell them until you’re blue in the face that a person should not trust everything they see or read on the internet, that you will need to verify your “facts” but that usually goes in one ear and out the other.

The way around this confounding conundrum is to just dazzle them with information without looking it up on Google during class.  If you are talking about a scientific principal or event from history go much deeper than the information in the textbook or the internet site you are having them look at goes.  If it is a math equation they are solving make sure you know a variety of ways that the math problem can relate to everyday life.  If you are reading a novel with your class know additional things about the author or setting that are not in the book.  By doing those things I guarantee that your students will do one of two things- first ask, “How do you know all that” and secondly go home look it up and be amazed (if you are accurate) about how intelligent their teacher is.  I love it when I am in the middle of a conversation with a student and they say, “Hey coach, how do you know all those things?”  I always tell them the reason I know so much on __________ is because I like to read.

If a teacher just sticks to what is in the textbook or what a student can find by searching Google and clicking on the first link then you will lose your class because they will think they can know as much as their teacher.  That is why it is so important to be a step ahead of them to be able to challenge them and explain to them the information you are trying to teach.  In order to be able to do that on a regular basis the tools in your teacher tool built have to be sharp and at the ready.  So during the summer break sharpen the saw and the  school year will go a whole lot smoother.

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