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May 18

Louisiana’s Old State Capitol: An Architectural Treasure

stained-glass doom ceiling

As Karen and I were traveling through Baton Rouge we decided to take some time and stretch our legs and see the USS Kidd, a destroyer that appears exactly like it did during World War II.  As we were driving looking for parking to visit the USS Kidd we stumbled across Louisiana’s Old State Capitol …

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May 17

Teaching Tip: Good Assignments for Those Last Days of School

end of school year

via For those of us teachers out there the last few weeks of school can be some of the most challenging days in the school year because after pushing testing all year, when the tests have been completed the students have a tendency to think that school is done.  Unfortunately, we usually close our testing …

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May 16

M’s Week 49


49 week photo We had such a fantastic time this week.  We went on a fun filled vacation to St. Louis Missouri along with our friends (who just so happen to be our family), Neil and Julie and their sweet little girl.  We did so many exciting things and the girls really enjoyed getting some …

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May 15

Audubon Zoo: The Kid Friendly Wild Side of New Orleans


The Audubon Zoo is one part of the Audubon attractions that can be found in New Orleans and in our humble opinion it is the best attraction of the three. While the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and the Audubon Insectarium were well put together, our experience at the Audubon Zoo makes the other two …

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May 14

The Godfather by Mario Puzo

The Godfather

The Godfather by Mario PuzoFor the second time he saw Michael Corleone’s face freeze into a mask that resembled uncannily the Don’s.  “Tom, don’t let anybody kid you. It’s all personal, every bit of business.  Every piece of s#@$ every man has to eat every day of his life is personal.  They call it business.  …

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May 13

Take-Away Donuts: MMMM Donuts!

Take Away Donuts

Karen and I took a last minute trip to New Orleans during my time off for spring break.  We thought of several different locations at first, but with our little girl who still struggles with longer rides in the car  itnkind of helped us make our decision to go someplace a little bit closer to …

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May 11

Travel Tip: Why You Should Shop Around

shop around

Travel Tip: Why You Should Shop Around Renting a car from the airport sure is convenient, but your wallet will take a hit for how easy it is.  Karen and I both drive older model vehicles that have some mileage on them so to help preserve them we rent a car whenever we travel.  It …

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May 09

What Makes Our Marriage Work: loose lips sink ships


One great piece of advice I heard just before I got married was ‘never talk bad about your husband to anyone ever’. I have really tried to take this to heart and even if Kenny is doing something particularly irritating I try not to go blabbing to my Mom, best friend, neighbor or facebook about …

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May 08

Teacher Tip: The Power of Goal Setting

Set Goals

Teacher Tip: The Power of Goal Setting Yesterday was a bittersweet teaching day for me, and it is every year but I think the assignment is well worth it.  Every year we look at our yearly goals that we made the first day of school when they enter my class.  It is a great day for …

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May 07

Vicksburg National Military Park: Vicksburg is the Key

Civil War Cannon

Vicksburg National Military Park commemorates one of the key battles of the American Civil War.  Vicksburg was the South’s last strong point along the Mississippi River and with its fall to the Union forces the United States once again had control of the Mississippi River splitting the south into two. The Siege of Vicksburg along …

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