May 28

The French Quarter: The Heart of New Orleans

Jackson SquareThe French Quarter and New Orleans seem to go together like air and breathing.  Part of our apprehension about visiting New Orleans was that outside of the French Quarter we did not know what else there was to see.  After doing some research on all the things there are to see and do in New Orleans we realized it would be a fun vacation.  Though we were still not sure about the French Quarter considering we are not the most rowdy of revelers we felt that the French Quarter just would not be our thing, and though it was not the highlight of our trip we did enjoy our daytime visit there.Street PerformanceThe French Quarter is pretty massive and not all areas are created equal so make sure you do some research in what you want to see and do before you go.  One of our favorite areas there is Jackson Square with the St. Louis Cathedral and statue of Jackson in the foreground.  As we were walking towards Jackson Square from our parking spot near Canal Street we came across an acrobatic performance group that put on an amazing show.Street BandAfter seeing the inside of the cathedral we ventured down several side streets and went to various shops bought our souvenir magnet that has become a tradition for us when we go on vacations.  We also stopped to listen to several  musical groups, gave a few dollars out to our favorites and made it back to Jackson Square to see what can only be describe as a marching band take off down one of the side streets.CathedralThe French Quarter ended up being a lot of fun for us during the daytime and we personally felt we were not missing anything that we would want to see at night there.  Make sure you stop by the many nice cafes like the Café du Monde, and other attractions.Cafe du MondeFor more information on what the French Quarter has to offer click here.

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