May 18

Louisiana’s Old State Capitol: An Architectural Treasure

stained-glass doom ceilingAs Karen and I were traveling through Baton Rouge we decided to take some time and stretch our legs and see the USS Kidd, a destroyer that appears exactly like it did during World War II.  As we were driving looking for parking to visit the USS Kidd we stumbled across Louisiana’s Old State Capitol and its very unique architecture.  We decided to take a few pictures of the building and decided to go in and see the inside and since there was not an admission charge we took the self-guided tour.Louisiana's Old State CapitolThe staff at Louisiana’s Old State Capitol was very nice, make sure you stop by and pick up the self-guided tour map at the front desk.  One of the first things that we noticed was the grand spiral staircase which led to the magnificent stained-glass dome ceiling.  At the top of the stairs was the Governor’s Portrait Gallery exhibit which has an interactive station that lets you pick one of the portraits on the wall and it gives information about that governor.  It also gave information on the Spanish and French Colonial Governor before Louisiana became a part of the United States. Other exhibits included a history on how Baton Rouge went from a frontier outpost to the state capital and about the role Baton Rouge played during the American Civil War.Louisiana's Governor GalleryKaren and I both thought the best exhibit at Louisiana’s Old State Capitol was the Legacy of Huey Long which gives a little bit of a background to Louisiana’s most famous politician.  Huey Long divided the state of Louisiana between those that loved him and those that wanted him dead and both sides story is represented in this exhibit.  It also goes into Huey Long’s oratory prowess with audio recordings of Long’s actual speeches.  Finally this exhibit delves into the assassination of Huey Long and mysterious circumstances of his death.Huey LongEven though Karen and I are not from Louisiana we enjoyed our visit to Louisiana’s Old State Capitol and learning about some of the history of the Pelican State.  It took less than 45 minutes for us to go through it though we probably could have stretched it out a bit longer if we would have spent some more time in the governor’s gallery or reading all of the information in the exhibits. Karen and I were really glad we stumbled across Louisiana’s Old State Capitol because when we get to see something that is free and it turns out to be interesting well that makes for a good destination.

To see other historical sites we have visited like Louisiana’s Old State Capitol click hereGrand StaircaseLouisiana’s Old State Capitol
Located at 100 North Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA
Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Cost as of this Posting: Admission is free there is a cost to see the movie
For more information visit their website at http://www.louisianaoldstatecapitol.org/

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  1. Neil

    I visited awhile back but it looks like they’ve updated things inside since then. Seems like they still had the bullet hole in the wall from the assassination attempt, didn’t they?

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